Blockchain Meetup “IoT×Blockchain最新動向”


7/25 にブロックチェーンMeetupが六本木Weworkで開催されました!

オープニングトーク:「Maiさんから見るIoTとビットコインの可能性について」 by スペシャルゲスト・ミスビットコイン藤本真衣氏

第1部:μNestとは「信頼のあるデータとともに」by μNest 創設者/CEO Neo Ma氏

第2部:μNestの差異「数あるブロックチェーンの中で、μNestの強みとは」by μNest共同創設者/COO Esther Zhang氏

第3部:μNestの技術「Proof of I/O: 貢献報酬型アルゴリズム」by μNest コア・デベロッパー Richard Yang氏









μNest Neo Ma (ネオ・マー)氏


On July 25, Longhash had the pleasure of hosting μNest for a meetup at our WeWork office in Tokyo.

The Meetup began with opening remarks from Mai, AKA Ms. Bitcoin, who was our special guest speaker and she talked about the implications of combining IoT and Blockchain.

The agenda was:

  • “With Data We Trust” by μNest founder/CEO Neo Ma
  • “Same Blockchain Different μNest” Community by μNest co-founder/COO Esther Zhang
  • “Proof of I/O, a Contribution-Reward Algorithm” by Senior Developer Richard Yang

The focus of the meetup was to explain how μNest integrate IoT and blockchain to solve issues regarding IoT such as its safety. The main aspects of their project are as follows:

  • to provide μWallet, μGate, μVM, and μZone in order to enhance blockchain and improve the safety of data between IoT devices
  • to use the hardware trust root to guard the security
  • to apply the technology to places such as home, work, and even smart city
  • to use the contribution-reward algorithm instead of the consensus algorithm, and contributions include disk space for ledger, P2P network, transaction validation, Layer2 transactions

There were over 60 people participated in the meetup! The presentations were both in English and Japanese, and it was a great experience learning IoT and blockchain and their implications!

LongHash will hold similar Meetup events on a regular basis!
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