LONGHASH Blockchain Meetup “Machine eXchange Coinで東京をスマートシティに”


7/19 にブロックチェーンMeetupが六本木Weworkで開催されました!

第1部: IoTの未来を創る「MX Protocol」の紹介
第2部: MX Protocolについて
MXC CEOの Xin Hu氏
M2B Communicationsの Akihiro Tsuzuku氏
LongHash Co-founder Emily Parker氏



On July 19, Longhash had the pleasure of hosting MXC (Machine Xchange Coin for a meetup at our WeWork office in Tokyo. The Meetup began promptly at 7 pm with opening remarks from the CEO Hu Xin.
The core focus of MXC is to integrate blockchain and IOT (Internet Of Things) in a way that allows individuals to harness the power of their data and utilize it as an asset. Mr. Xin talked at length about reversing many of the pre-conceived notions associated with blockchain, namely the image of bitcoin and utilizing it for the sole purpose of generating profits. MXC sees a future in which blockchain can revolutionize the way data is shared and handled.
The three main aspects of the company are as follows:
· A decentralized IOT network built by people and partner companies
· Building a fast and fully functional LPWAN Data Exchange
· To achieve billions of data transactions daily facilitated by Machine Xchange Protocol (MXP)
The main purpose of the company is to cultivate and encourage the construction of data network to increase efficiency and make data more readily accessible.

LONGHASH will hold similar Meetup events on a regular basis!
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