LONGHASH Hackathon 2018 report (English)

LONGHASH Tokyo Hackathon is hosted by LongHash, CYBEX, TARAXA. 137 participants from 12 countries submitted 32 projects into the hackathon. Each hacker team was asked by the hosts to tackle either one of the following topics:
1. Regulation Compliance and Performance Improvement of Decentralized Exchange
2. Data Analytics on Blockchain for Business and Regulations (AML)
3. Blockchain Enabled IoT Solution for Data Silo and Security

#1 Prize Team:
Team 18: Yet Another Atomic Swap
Project Description: https://www.hackx.org/projects/249

#2 Prize Team:
Team 29: Labeling, Identifying & Classifying Public Address Behavior
Project Description: https://www.hackx.org/projects/269
Team 6: Curvegrid’s Token Dijkstra
Project Description: https://www.hackx.org/projects/246

#3 Prize Team:
Team 17: BTC Address Classification by Machine Learning
Project Description: https://www.hackx.org/projects/275
Team 1: GibuvAroch
Project Description: https://www.hackx.org/projects/245
Team 23: hogehoge
Project Description: https://www.hackx.org/projects/253