Next blockchain: Ecosystem for creating next-generation industries


Will 2019 be the “first year of blockchain”? Just as the iPhone appearance in 2007 created a modern smartphone society, the emergence of Facebook-led virtual currency “Libra” predicts major social changes due to blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that allows data to be recorded in a non-rewritable ledger and that data can be traded safely and reliably. Blockchain enables not only the financial sector such as virtual currency but also various business-related data such as health data and hobbies / taste data to be traded. It is said to give to. On the other hand, there are concerns that private platform companies that are doing business globally may enclose personal data or impede monetary policy in other countries. Against this background of issues, the National Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry has advanced cutting-edge research on blockchain. In this symposium, in addition to the explanation of research results by Director Makoto Yano, lectures by Mr. Vogelsteller, who leads blockchain technology, and panel discussions by top-level panelists in each field will show how blockchain should be as a next-generation industry development system. Discuss.
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