LONGHASH Meet-up ”分散型 decentralization”と”セキュリティ security” report (English follows Japanese)

LONGHASH Meetup #1 レポート

4月20日LONGHASH meet up#1が開催されました。1回目は、弊社の設立発表会の後ともあり、DMMさんの会場を貸していただきまして、豪華なゲストによる、キーノートスピーチとパネルディスカッションの2部構成でした。


内閣府副大臣 越智隆雄様

東京大学大学院経済学研究科教授 柳川範之様

Wanxiang Holdings副董事長執行役員 肖風様

株式会社bitFlyer 代表取締役 加納裕三様


内閣官房副長官西村様 お手紙

LONGHASH Meetupは、ビギナーの方から、ビジネスとして、エンジニアとしての上級者まで、毎回テーマを変えて定期的に開催していきますので、ぜひ楽しみにしていてください。

・筑波大学 面和成様
・創法律事務所 齋藤創様
・Hacken ジェーン様
・Nebula ヤンフェン・チェン様
・LONGHASH クリス・ダイ
・LONGHASH エミリー・パーカー


On April 20th, LONGHASH hosted its first meet up with help from DMM in letting us use their venue. the meet up was composed of two sessions, a key note speech and a panel discussion with special guests.

We invited experts from several fields to speak on topics ranging from Japanese politics/economics, security, technology and so on. (We invited several guests from other countries and many of our actual participants were from overseas. To accommodate this, we asked for three translators!)

Also, though he could not make it due to a very busy schedule, we would like to thank Mr. Nishimura, Japanese Deputy Cabinet Secretary, for writing a warm and precious letter in lieu of his absence. We at LONGHASH are most appreciative of the gesture.

It is our hope that all of the participants left the meet up feeling satisfied and enlightened.
Our LONGHASH meet ups are for all people from blockchain beginners to business professionals & engineers. We will periodically hold meetups with changing themes and continue to hold future meet ups. Please look forward to the next.

Panelist on panel discussion
Dr.Omote, University of Tsukuba
Mr.Saito, So Law Office
Jane, Hacken
Nebula Yenfen Chen
Emily Parker, LONGHASH

*Special thanks to all who helped us host this event. Although we cannot name you all on site, we greatly appreciate the support that helped make the meet up a success.