Block chain thorough capture course-Learn the path from basics to practicality in 5 days

Blockchain technology, which has attracted much attention, is about to reach the commercialization phase in 2019. Even in Japan, a variety of services have been launched beyond the virtual currency based on blockchain technology since the late 2018, and several projects have already announced the commercialization of the year 2019, even at major companies.

Nikkei FinTech focuses on the practical application and commercialization of blockchains, and provides a place to learn thoroughly for five days and learn the process for practical application. The course covers a wide range of case studies, issues to be considered in practical application and points to be considered in implementation, as well as a lecture to understand the basic mechanism. Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, we also prepared a workshop to examine the business model.

It will be a course for people involved in planning and researching new business plans and work efficiency improvement utilizing blockchain technology. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

【Overview of held】

Date and time: Monday, June 24, 2019, Wednesday, July 31, Thursday, August 29, Thursday, September 26, Thursday, October 30, Wednesday, October 30 <total 5 times> 19 : 00-21:00 (planned)

Venue: Nikkei BP (4-3-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Nikkei Toranomon Annex

Lecturer: The 1st Node Japan Founder Keisuke Ohikata
                 The 2nd PwC Arata Limited Accountants Partner Miyamura Kazuya
                 The 3rd-5th LONGHASH President & CEO, Japan Corporation Mr. Chris Dai

Program: The 1st Know the basics of blockchain

                 The 2nd We learn application example of block chain

                 The 3rd Blockchain, Challenges for Practical Use

                 The 4th Blockchain, Ideason

                 The 5th block chain implementation

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