Scaling Challenges for IoT Block Chains


Block chain thorough capture course-Learn the path from basics to practicality in 5 days

Blockchain technology, which has attracted much attention, is about to reach the commercialization phase in 2019. Even in Japan, a variety of services have been launched beyond the virtual currency based on blockchain technology since the late 2018, and several projects have already announced the commercialization of the year 2019, even at major companies. Nikkei FinTech focuses on the practical application and commercialization of blockchains, and provides a place to learn thoroughly for five days and learn the process for practical application. The course covers a wide range of case…


Information for the Hackathon event

LONGHASH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative director: Chris Dai) will carry out the hackathon event from April 20 to 22 as part of the incubation project. Under the theme of “distributed type” and “security”, we invite specialists and developers from various regions around the world, and we hope that we can have a forum for active discussions and development together and contribute to the development of the block chain even a little. The winning team will receive a prize total of 100 ETH (Ethereum). We will send…


Notice of establishment of LONGHASH Co., Ltd.

LONGHASH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative director: Chris Dai) is a news media company that delivers domestic and international updates on blockchain technology with the aim of promoting practicalization of blockchain technology and supporting engineers. The company was established on February 15 (Thursday) in order to set up, perform data analysis and consulting, and operate an incubation center that supports startups. The service is scheduled to start partially from April 20 of the same year. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us from “CONTACT”…