More expectations and attention to the original
business model and economic zone innovation
brought by the blockchain, and to practical use.

We at LONGHASH have launched a business in a society that focuses only on virtual currency
investment, and wishing to convey to the world the wonders and potential of the original
blockchain technology. At the same time, we aim to promote blockchain technology by
attracting superior human resources and capital from overseas to Japan with the aim of
introducing blockchain technology into various fields and putting it to practical use.





Recently, the way of working of workers has become a topic in Japan as well. How to balance the profit as a company with the profit as a worker and a consumer. There is no doubt that it is a major issue for Japan facing an aging society. The current economy, in particular, has resources (human resources, capital, data, etc.) controlled by some companies, and even if the economy is recovering, it can not be optimistic for individuals and SMEs. As services and technologies become more complex, companies are forced to grow larger to support them, cost more to manage and coordinate, lag in decisions, and innovate and transform. Will become insensitive. One solution to streamline society as a part, from such a centralized business organization, flat, flexible, resource allocation, and individuals with the right to judge and execute demand and supply in real time I think it is necessary to shift to a decentralized economic organization that is also given.
We will take the lead in the decentralized business model and the composition of its economic organization / economic zone and put it into practice as a company. By incubating the blockchain project to create such a decentralized economic zone, we will contribute to a truly transparent, active society for people by people. I want to go on. And, by not making the data of the media and the blockchain contain, we intend to increase the social significance of such an economic zone by making it public to the public.

Chris Dai


Company Name k.k LONGHASH
Address〒100-0004 Inspired.Lab, 6F 1-chōme-6-1 Ōtemachi, Chiyoda City, Tōkyō-to
Representative Director & President President and CEO Chris Dai
Established February 16, 2018
Paid Up Capital 5,000,000 yen
Business Domain Media Business, Internet Advertising Business, Big Data Business, Investment Development Business


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